Hi, I am Jeff Zimmerman, Vice President, Sales with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. In my role, I lead and support a team of four Business Development Representatives who are engaged in identifying and inviting non-member business prospects to join our Columbus Chamber.


Lead generation support helps our BDR team become more productive in their day-to-day selling efforts minimizing targeting and appointment canvassing activities filling their pipeline with connections and warm potential Member client conversion opportunities.  After using several other email/phone outreach lead generation companies, I had a pretty good handle on what I wanted to accomplish and the outsource lead generation capabilities I was seeking in a provider.  When I learned about HyperSocial, I was both skeptical and curious about the methodology using Social media, specifically LinkedIn, to build connections as prospective leads.  Braden Wallake helped me understand his process plainly and shared examples for how lead generation happens to give me the confidence to proceed.


After 5 months as a HyperSocial client, I am really happy with the results to date. From my initial experience as a potential client through program launch, Braden and his team have been very customer-centric, initially focusing on needs assessment and how to operate on our behalf and meet my/our expectations. Nina enabled an on-boarding process that was thorough, unassuming, deliberate, and completely engaged in building our client profile, program demographics, and parameters accurately. Campaign launch with Lizzie as program manager delivered activity immediately and leads shortly thereafter. I am happy to report we have successfully converted some of the leads received to date as new Members to the Columbus Chamber.  Another outcome, the pipeline funnels of our Business Development reps are fuller/busier with access to many connections they may not have found on their own, certainly not as quickly as HyperSocial delivered. The dashboard reporting tools help the BDR team prioritize connection potential and lead status paving the way for appropriate outreach.


· Would you recommend HyperSocial to others?


Short answer, yes! With a few more words, I’d offer that the HyperSocial subscription service offered is affordable based on ROI, paying for itself in results generated and new Columbus Chamber Members secured.


HyperSocial has “boosted” our existing Business development sales process providing a more sophisticated, social media approach to growing our business-  exponential pipeline expansion, better-qualified lead potential, and access to reporting tools helping to prioritize outreach.  HyperSocial is helping us target prospects more effectively, building connections and rapport through effective LI messaging, improving sales productivity, generating outcomes/results.