The Diverse Network Case Study: Using LinkedIn as a Growth Accelerator for a Meaningful Community

The Diverse Network Case Study: Using LinkedIn as a Growth Accelerator for a Meaningful Community

The Business        

jordan blog pic The Diverse Network was founded by Jordan Nishizaki to create a network where people can discover and support minorities in the business community within the Columbus Area. 

They have an online community, podcasts, blogs, and networking events to meet in person.

Diverse Network’s events are unique - they feature a red carpet, food trucks, coffee vendors, the whole nine yards! The events focus on offering opportunities for minority communities to network, look for new jobs, and look for new employees.

The Challenge 

Diverse Network was Jordan’s passion project and started as a side gig that he hoped would become something much bigger.

Jordan had the idea for Diverse Network but didn’t know exactly where to start. He didn’t have a fleshed-out plan - just an idea and a drive to get it all going. He needed to build a team, get sponsors, get attendees, grow the community, and so much more.

And he was doing this all while he was working a full-time job.

That’s when HyperSocial came into the picture.

The HyperSocial Solution 

When Jordan first discovered HyperSocial, he was a bit skeptical. He thought he could do LinkedIn outreach on his own. After meeting with the team and hearing about HyperSocial’s services, he decided not to sign on at first.

But as time went on, he never got around to actually doing any effective LinkedIn outreach. 

So he reached back out to HyperSocial

Jordan came to HyperSocial with the goal of expanding his network, gaining sponsors, growing the community, and getting traction for the networking events that were to come. 

We revamped Jordan’s  LinkedIn Profile, updating his summary, headline, experience, and banner. This way as people accepted Jordan’s connection request, they would be able to get all the info they needed about Diverse Network right on his profile page - just one click away.

HyperSocial ran two campaigns at the start of Jordan’s LinkedIn outreach - contacting both potential sponsors of the events and potential attendees in the Columbus area. 

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we created a target audience for both campaigns and wrote 2 sets of messaging targeted toward each specific group.


The HyperSocial Results 

At that start, Jordan admittedly stated that he was overwhelmed by how many new connections he gained - which is a sign of how much his network was growing! 

HyperSocial was bringing in so many new connections, that Jordan had to ask his sister for help answering people from the campaigns! 

The first sign of success Jordan saw through his LinkedIn campaign, was outside of his desired goals. HyperSocial sent a connection request and started a conversation with Raymond Weaver. After chatting and getting to know each other, Raymond decided to join the team and Jordan welcomed him with open arms. Raymond joined as Vice President of Diverse Network! And it all started due to a connection made through HyperSocial’s Campaigns.

Jordan also met his four platinum sponsors through HyperSocial’s LinkedIn Campaigns, as well as at least 25% of the attendees to his networking events.

Diverse Networks attendance and support had clear growth. Their attendance grew from 50 to 80 people over the course of their first two events! And their sponsors grew from four to thirteen!

And so, you know, that was a first advanced is a great kickoff, great start to it. And then we had our second event in September, and that was just all about growth. We had, we went from four sponsors to the 13 sponsors, went from 50 people to 80 people in attendance.

With all of his LinkedIn outreach on autopilot, Jordan could focus on the internal aspects of Diverse Network. His team was growing, his network was growing, all while he was working, eating, sleeping, and planning for the future.

As time has gone on, Jordan has got it down to a science. He is in his inbox answering people for tops 10 hours a month (2.5 hours a week), just making sure to respond to people to keep engagement up.

And now…Diverse Network is doing better than ever.

In 2022, they plan to host three major networking events! They even are expanding out of Columbus, and hosting an event in Atlanta, Georgia. The online community is growing more each day. And so much more is to come. 

Don’t take our word for it, here's what Jordan had to say about HyperSocial:

At the end of the day, when you're a business owner, it comes down to ROI, but ROI looks different to different people. I think you can look at the numbers and say, “okay, we break even.” But like you said, that’s just in the short term. You're not even taking into consideration the long-term return on your investment that you're gonna make because of the connection and because of the relationships that you built. 

My relationship with Noah, my account manager, is great. We have our check-ins once a month and we've edited the campaign and the messaging. That's been super important to me because if he didn't really understand what I was doing at Diverse Network he didn't really fine-tune the messaging then a lot of people would not be interested in chatting with me.”

 jordan customer positiv feedback emails

10 Month Campaign Statistics: 

 Jordan Nishizaki - February Report



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