The Alternative Board, Ft. Lauderdale Case Study: Working On Your Business Rather Than In It

The Alternative Board, Ft. Lauderdale Case Study: Working On Your Business Rather Than In It

The Business   

The Alternative Board is a franchise that helps business owners level up their business by offering a program that includes peer advisory boards, one-on-one coaching, workshops, toolkits, and so much more to its members. 

When you join TAB as a TAB owner or as a member of a board, you join a community of business owners and professionals who all share similar goals and mindsets. 

Wayne Suess is a TAB owner in the Ft. Lauderdale area. As a TAB owner or TBO, he is building and running his peer advisory board meetings, helping facilitate their meetings, and running one on one coaching sessions.

The Challenge 

Wayne became a TBO in September of 2021. He began his training and was ready to start building his peer advisory boards in November. He knew he was going to leverage his current network as well as expand his network with telemarketing and LinkedIn Networking to find different prospects. But he didn’t have any experience with LinkedIn marketing and didn’t really know where to start.

Wayne had owned 4 different businesses over his career, so he was no stranger to sales outreach and how important it is to grow a business. But after years of experience, he realized he didn’t have to do everything on his own. 

Wayne realized it was time to prioritize working on his business rather than in it. And so he looked for help with his LinkedIn marketing.

The HyperSocial Solution 

When Wayne signed up with HyperSocial, we revamped his LinkedIn profile, created his target audience using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, wrote a series of 3 messages for his automated outreach, and even took on responding to all of his messages on his behalf. Talk about outreach on autopilot!

Wayne loves the fully managed package - which includes the monitoring of his inbox. He communicates with his fully managed account manager to make sure his voice is represented and accurate information is shared. But he is not in charge of answering any messages he receives. Instead, calls get booked by our team and sent directly to his calendar.

Within Wayne’s messaging, we included a casual short video of Wayne introducing himself and giving a quick overview of TAB. It showcases his personality as well as the benefits of the TAB Franchise. This personal touch puts a face to a name and humanizes the automated outreach.


The HyperSocial Results 

When he started with us, Wayne’s main goal was to grow his peer advisory boards with qualified business owners within the Ft. Lauderdale area. When we discussed the different outreach approaches Wayne was using, he said that HyperSocial’s LinkedIn outreach was the most effective. 

While still effective, other approaches like telemarketing have a lower closing rate in Wayne’s experience. HyperSocial’s approach is saving Wayne time from sitting on calls with people who are not interested. 

Our Hyper-targeted approach is churning out results. HyperSocial’s outreach has gotten Wayne one-third of his new board members in the past 3 months!

Don’t take our word for it, here's what Wayne had to say about HyperSocial:

Do you have any advice for anyone else signing on for HyperSocial’s services?

“Trust the process! Don't do anything to break the process. Being a TAB Owner is based on your ability to learn how to have these conversations with business owners and develop the boards with these new members. The conversations are where the magic happens.”

4 Month Campaign Statistics: 

Wayne Suess - April 2022 (1)



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