LinkedIn Sales: 15 Days To Fill Your B2B Sales Pipeline In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day

Are you frustrated by a lack of clients? Do you have a really great B2B service or product but you can’t seem to keep your sales pipeline filled? Or, do you have a full pipeline but they aren’t targeted? Tired of getting on sales calls with unqualified, untargeted prospects?

Don’t worry— today I’m going to be presenting you with a solution that is beneficial to help all B2B increase leads. From accounting companies to IT, I’m going to show you exactly how to fix what you’re doing.

I’m Braden, CEO here at HyperSocial. I used to be just like you. However, since discovering the power of LinkedIn over 2 years ago, I’ve helped over 500 companies, sales people, and entrepreneurs utilize LinkedIn the right way and dominate their B2B sales.

You’ve surely heard of LinkedIn right? Have you used it for leads yet?

Whether your answer is yes or no, I’m going to go over what your ideal 15 days would look like on LinkedIn. If you’re extremely busy, no worries, this lead generation can all be done in under 30 minutes a day.

LinkedIn is the BEST social network for B2B selling.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some B2B LinkedIn statistics from our friends over at Foundation Inc.

  1. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.
  2. LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs.
  3. About 45% of LinkedIn article readers are in upper-level positions (managers, VPs, Directors, C-level).

That’s why you need to be utilizing LinkedIn Social Selling. Your target decision makers are right at your fingertips.

And yet:

  1. Only 1 million users have published an article on LinkedIn.
  2. Less than half of the 30 most shared articles of 2015 & 2016 were written by LinkedIn influencers.
  3. 38% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is generating revenue for them.

So, despite the statistics of how powerful LinkedIn is for social selling and B2B sales, you can see, not enough companies are harnessing its full power.

Before we dive into what our 15 days of LinkedIn B2B sales, first we need to do a few things to set you up for success.

Foundation #1: Optimize Your Profile For Sales & Conversions

15 days of activity is only one part. Selling on LinkedIn is 50% activity and 50% reputation. You can be doing all of the right activities every day, but if your profile isn’t set up properly, well you’re not ready to be successful on LinkedIn.

Headline: We like what our friends over at Hubspot said about properly writing your headline. “Don’t just write your title. Answer two questions. Who do you help and how do you help them?”

Profile Photo: Most people will encourage you to use something professional. However, if you do any search on LinkedIn, everyone’s profile picture looks exactly the same. Not mine, I’m wearing a tank top. I’ve always encouraged people that the most important part of personal branding is being themselves. If tank tops aren’t your thing, just be you. Now, I don’t need a picture of you getting drunk at your last office party, but something that is high quality, professional, but still YOU.

Summary: Every summary we’ve ever written for our LinkedIn Customers follows a very precise method. We make sure it’s short, concise but with a focus on keywords that buyers might be searching for. Aim for three paragraphs of three to four sentences.

First Paragraph: Expand a bit on your headline. Reiterate your purpose.

Second Paragraph: Get more specific about your past projects, your work, results, etc.,

Third Paragraph: Call-To-Action. Include HOW and WHY a buyer should get in touch with you. 

Also, in your summary is the option for uploaded content. Add some visual pieces to this. 

Expand On Everything Else: 

Experience Section: You own your own business. This doesn’t need to be a resume. Keep your buyer in mind as your putting this together. Focus on what you’ve done at each job that helps you with what you’re currently doing now. How have you helped clients?

Honors & Awards: Any work-related awards you’ve won and add a description

Publications: Share articles or blog posts you’ve published. 

Recommendations: Recommendations from coworkers, employees, or employers are good. Recommendations from clients are GREAT. Do you have any clients you can ask for a recommendation?

Foundation #2: Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Yeah, it costs money. Yeah, it’s worth it. And besides they have a FREE month trial so you can see what it’s all about before you spend $65 a month on it.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s powerful prospector tool made available to anyone and everyone. 

It gives you even more filters to help find your ideal decision makers you wouldn’t be able to find with regular LinkedIn search. Sales Navigator also allows you to save searches, keep up to date on prospect’s activity, and absolutely crush your sales goals.

Now, 15 Days To Fill Your B2B Sales Pipeline.

Day 1: Join Groups

Find & Join Groups where your ideal prospects hang out. Join 25-30 groups minimum to get a good base. This is how you’ll find out more about your ideal customer, the pain points they have, the questions they are asking. 

Day 2: Sales Navigator Search 

Use Sales Navigator’s advanced search to find your ideal audience. Make sure you save this search. You’ll need this for the upcoming days. 

Day 3: Add Connections 

Connect w/ up to 50 targeted connections from that saved search. Don’t forget to personalize each invitation. Even LinkedIn says “LinkedIn members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note.”

Day 4: Go Through Groups

Go through the groups you joined to find more about what your ideal prospects are talking about, struggles they have, etc. Engage. Comment where you believe you can offer help. Follow people.

Day 5: Post High-Value Content To Your Profile 

Top of the mind problems your prospects and clients have. Remember when I said selling on LinkedIn is 50% activity and 50% reputation? Build yourself as an expert in your field. 

Day 6: Send Messages

Send messages to everyone you connect with from day 3. Get to know them. Introduce yourself. Let them know who you are, why you added them. 

Day 7: Add Connections

Connect with another 50 targeted connections from saved search. Again, make sure to personalize your connections. 

Day 8: Reshare High-Value Content

Reshare content from day 5 to the groups you joined. Gives clients value, gets your name out there more.

Day 9: Send More Messages

Send messages to connections from Day 3 and 7. Follow up with people who responded to your message from Day 6. Remember, the most important part of selling on LinkedIn is well, SELLING.

Day 10: Add Connections

Connect with up to 100 targeted connections from Saved LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search. Call me annoying, but again, personalize your connections. 

Day 11: Post Relevant Content

This doesn’t need to be something you wrote. This can be content from other websites, share it to your target audience. Share it to your groups. Something that helps them. Curated content can fill even more holes that your own written articles can’t do. 

Day 12 & 13: Send Messages, Again

Send messages to everyone connected Day 3, 7, & 10 who haven’t received a message yet. Follow up with those who have responded! GET SELLING! Schedule meetings! Build relationships. Ask questions. 

Day 14: Case Study

Post case study, client testimonial, etc. Something that positions yourself as the expert and lets your buyers see that you know what the heck you’re doing.

Day 15: Add Connections

Add 100 more prospects from LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Search. And at this point, I shouldn’t even need to remind you to personalize your connection requests.

Get Started with LinkedIn Sales

That’s it! If I were to start my LinkedIn over today, this is the exact method I’d use. 

If you need further help, get in touch!

Set aside 30 minutes a day for 15 days and watch your pipeline fill up with TARGETED buyers.