HyperSocial and LinkedIn Account Safety

HyperSocial and LinkedIn Account Safety

HyperSocial and LinkedIn Account Safety

Keeping LinkedIn a healthy and fun space for the community that utilizes the platform is important to HyperSocial. 

LinkedIn, after all, is the #1 place for B2B businesses to find new prospects. 

And HyperSocial’s mission is to humanize the B2B buying experience. 

To protect its users, LinkedIn has a code all users must operate within. 

If you go outside that code, it can lead to trouble. 

Before we explain how HyperSocial keeps client’s LinkedIn accounts safe, it’s important to understand what happens to those who use unsafe sales tactics on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn works much like driving laws work so let’s go through a few scenarios:


linkedin and driving rules


This goes to show that a LinkedIn flag (ticket) is NOT the end of the world and will not harm the longevity of your account.  

While there is always the possibility of a ticket if you go outside of the limits of the rules, it does not mean that after one ticket, you are going to lose your license(account) forever… 

Now that we know how LinkedIn restrictions work - the most important question is how to avoid this on your account if you decide to use LinkedIn to prospect. 

If handling LinkedIn outreach yourself,  take the time to do the research so you use the right tools and best practices. 

If outsourcing, choose a company (HyperSocial) that knows best practices and does the work to keep accounts safe. 

You might be asking, “How does HyperSocial keep your LinkedIn account safe?” 

I’m so glad you asked :) 

  1. We use the right LinkedIn tools 
  2. We prepare LinkedIn accounts for outreach campaign
  3. We Find your Target Audience the Right Way
  4. We set-up the RIGHT kinds of campaigns
  5. We track results and analytics
  6. We don’t work with just anyone 

1. We Use the right LinkedIn tools 

By right tools, meaning cloud-based tools. 

Accounts can get into trouble when they use the wrong tools. 

Often, the price of a tool is a very good indicator of the quality and safety. 

There are two types of LinkedIn tools: 

  1. Chrome-based 
  2. Cloud-based 

Chrome-based tools basically live in your browser - you open up LinkedIn from your favorite browser (e.g. Chrome), and then you fire up your tool in the form of an extension.

Chrome-based tools: 

  • Work from your browser (i.e. it’s not 24/7, you have to activate it each time manually). 
  • Use browser cache  (easier for LinkedIn to detect),
  • Don’t offer dedicated IP addresses (meaning, your IP is different each time. If you’re logging in from different countries each time, this might set off a few alarms).

If that is just gibberish to you, just know that Chrome-based LinkedIn tools lack advanced features and fail to keep accounts safe because how they operate makes it easy for LinkedIn to detect, 

Cloud-based tools have advanced features are much more safe. 

  • They offer a dedicated IP, so that your LinkedIn login info is consistent each time.
  • It’s harder for LinkedIn to detect because it’s not front-end (like the browser tools).

Advanced features (working days/hours limits, personalized messages, higher conversion rates, etc.) that allow for more personalization, and this in turn, makes your outreach efforts less spammy

2. We prepare LinkedIn Accounts for Outreach Campaigns 

If you’re wanting to turn your personal LinkedIn profile into a lead generating machine, you cannot go from a LinkedIn profile that is never used to a source of multiple daily sales calls overnight. 

A LinkedIn outreach campaign that generates relationships and results takes expertise and 


Before any outreach, we make sure your profile is top notch quality. We tell people more about you, your experience, how you can benefit them, and, most importantly, how you can solve their problems

You’re the answer to all of their problems – and they’d be stupid not to hire you.

Here’s another HyperSocial blog for more in depth tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

3. We Find your Target Audience the Right Way

As a part of our strategy, we use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find leads who are actually interested in talking to you. 

According to LinkedIn, some of the reasons why accounts can be ticketed, or jailed, is because their algorithm detected too many connection requests, low acceptance rates, and too many ‘I don’t know this person‘-s on your invitations.

HyperSocial’s LinkedIn experts know and use the best practices within your target audience to get high acceptance rates by reaching out to the people within your target with commonalities.

4. We Set-up the RIGHT kinds of campaigns

We’ve all gotten these messages: 

bad connection message

We all hate getting them, yet a lot of people still do it. 

HyperSocial’s goal first and foremost is to help create high quality, long lasting relationships for you. 

Instead of the oh too common spammy salesy approach, which can lead to other users flagging your account as spam activity, we use the human to human approach

We are here to start conversations for you, not ask people who don’t know you or your brand to schedule a meeting with you in a connection message. 

5. We Track results and analytics

HyperSocial’s full focus has been on LinkedIn since 2019 and has served over 300 awesome people doing crazy cool things for the world with their businesses.

To really know what is working, you have to take the time to reflect and analyze. 

We are always looking to improve. 

We are always looking for the best connection rates, response rates for our customers. 

And because we have the power of numbers because we do this work for a lot of people, we know what works and what doesn’t.

5.We only work with clients who have target audiences we can get results for


Plain and simple, if we don’t think we can get results for you, we will not start a working relationship between our companies. 

If we don’t think we can create a LinkedIn safe campaign that speaks to the type of audience you are after, we will be honest and transparent. 

If you’re interested to see if we can assist you in building long lasting relationships on LinkedIn, book a call with one of our LinkedIn advisors here.


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