HyperSocial's Four-Step Approach

HyperSocial's Four-Step Approach

If you’re a B2B company and you're not running sales outreach on LinkedIn, you need to change that as soon as possible! HyperSocial can help streamline the process so you can get your outreach going. Here’s a look into our process:


1. We'll Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

When someone looks at your LinkedIn profile, the goal is to have all of the information that they could need easily accessible right there on the page. We will fix up your profile - specifically your headline, about section, experience section, and banner photo.

We will highlight your business as well as your personal accomplishments. Attention spans have dropped significantly over the past years, and we want people to get the most information possible with the least amount of clicks.

2. We’ll Identify your Target Audience using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Who you target on LinkedIn is so important - arguably more important than what you are selling. We will discuss your goals, your past target audience, your current customer base, and who is most likely to answer a direct message on LinkedIn. Once we have a more clear idea, we will dive into the intricacies of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has tons of different filters that we leverage to create a list of ideal candidates for you. Some of the filters we use are current role, past role, geography, industry, and company headcount. 

We’ll manually clean the list and makes sure it is set for optimal success - reaching out to people who fit the filters most accurately. At HyperSocial, we make sure everything - even computer processes - is overseen by humans and a careful hand.

3. We’ll Write you a Messaging Campaign

You want to simultaneously grow your network and start meaningful conversations with people on LinkedIn. To accomplish this, we set up 2nd-degree campaigns. We start with a connection request and let our messaging campaigns go from there. We play the long game - starting relationships and conversations with people so you can grow your relationship from the roots.

We have proven strategies that elicit response rates of 28%-35%. We take these approaches into consideration while also taking creative liberty with your messaging to make sure it presents as personalized. Our talented copywriting team will write your messaging, and it will go through a review process before we send it to you.

4. We’ll Analyze and Optimize your Campaign Results

We will set your campaign up for success. Campaigns are a marathon, not a sprint. We will measure your campaign performance to continually improve its results. We want to make sure every dollar you spend with us gets you the best possible return on investment.

We can change your messaging, pivot target audiences, and even have the ability to manage your inbox responses if need be. We want you to get everything you can out of this campaign. And we work hard to get you results that you are happy with.


HyperSocial can Help you with All This and More

HyperSocial’s goal is to help B2B businesses to humanize their outreach while keeping a positive presence on LinkedIn.

Check out more about it here!

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