HyperSocial’s Favorite Things: Businesses that Help your Business Grow

HyperSocial’s Favorite Things: Businesses that Help your Business Grow

B2B companies live in a cycle. They help your business, which helps their business, which helps your business. It’s the Circle of Success, and it moves us all. That being said, some B2B businesses are breaking bounds in helping other businesses. 

Different ways B2B businesses help each other

B2B businesses help businesses grow with internal and external solutions. They can help internally to streamline processes, implement software, or to take over certain aspects of your work activities. They can also help with SEO, lead generation, or recruiting.

Internal B2B solutions can do a myriad of things for a company. Streamlining processes lets your employees be more efficient in their day-to-day work. Offering different tools provided by B2B companies can help your employees to collaborate more efficiently. 

External B2B solutions can help your business gain more notoriety. They can also help you gain more clients, and grow your professional network. 

A growing business can simultaneously raise ROI and employee morale at the workplace. Happy employees mean harder working employees. 

We’ve compiled a list of HyperSocial’s favorite companies that will help your business to grow!


Ever been doing a task and thought to yourself, “why am I doing this? A computer should do this!” Well, that’s where Zapier comes in.

Zapier is a top-tier automation software company. It boasts 5000+ app integration capabilities including some fan favorites like Google Workspace, Slack, Asana, Calendly, Zoom, and Instagram. 

By automating processes in your businesses, your employees have more time in their day to stress different muscles and get more done. It eliminates room for human error and removes busy work from your employees’ job descriptions.


SEO is a complicated process. Backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO. They build authority for your website and business, which helps your website to rank and get more views.

PrestigeLinks takes this tiring process off your hands. The PresitgeLinks team will manually run the entire process so that there are no spammy or fake posts linking to your website. They will handpick which sites to reach out to, write humanized content for your company, and improve your SEO with a personalized touch.  

In June 2022, the Google core update rolled out. There has been a lot of noise that the update includes changes to AI-generated text, topical authority gaps, and poor backlinks. It’s important now more than ever to not automate anything related to your SEO. PrestigeLinks has got you covered so you can rest assured your SEO is being taken care of with a careful hand.


Managing all social media accounts can be really time-consuming - sifting through comments, scheduling content for specific times, and measuring how your posts are going. Buffer is a social media management tool that makes all of that significantly easier.

Buffer allows you to access all of your social media outlets from its platform so you can see everything in one place. You can track how campaigns are going, create one post and tailor it to each platform, and plan out your posting schedule. 

Buffer cleans up a messy process and makes everything accessible in one place. It’ll save you time and level up your social media presence.


Time blocking, tracking time, focusing on one task at a time - it can be a lot! Toggl Track is a tool that will help your employees track their time during the workday. It’s difficult to know how much time is spent on different tasks without a timer running. Toggl Track allows you to track your time as you work and designate each time block to what you worked on. It even tracks your mouse and keyboard usage to include idle time if you so choose. 

There are tons of cool features within it - you can set an alarm that will remind you to get up and stretch throughout the day to prevent from lack of exercise and improve productivity and health. Toggl has 2 other tools - Togglplan which helps with work planning, and Togglhire which helps with candidate screening. 

Knowing where your employees are spending their time will help you to goal set and change processes where needed. Toggl makes time management easy and thoughtless!


Whenever someone is trying to crack a case, they without a doubt have a corkboard or whiteboard at their disposal. It helps with efficiency! Miro is an online whiteboard tool that updates in real-time and allows for nonsimultaneous collaboration amongst teams.

This visual infinite canvas is great for brainstorming, planning, mapping, designing, and more. Teams will find their productivity skyrocket with this tool that allows for communication, collaboration, and visualization from anywhere in the world.


Smaller companies often struggle to supply benefits to their employees. It’s difficult for them to access resources the way larger established companies do. Justworks has created a platform that combats that

Justworks’ platform handles the core of payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance. Simplifying this aspect of your business will free up time for you and your employees to work on building your company. It also will guarantee your employees feel taken care of outside of the workplace. 

HyperSocial can help your business to thrive

HyperSocial’s goal is to help B2B businesses to humanize their outreach while keeping a positive presence on LinkedIn. We teach you our process and help implement it so your day-to-day sales outreach will transform.

Check out more about it here!

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