5 Easy Ways to Better Your Sales Copy

Years of writing sales copy have made me realize that it’s less about how it looks and more about how you say it. There are tons of great copywriters out there that will tell you the same because, at the end of the day, people want to talk to real people, not robots.

Instead of shifting your writing to be more professional or exceptionally error-free, here some of the key reasons why our sales copy at HyperSocial works better than most.

Man and woman laugh at a desk with their laptops.

1. We Write Like We Talk

Instead of pushing out marketing jargon, that most people don’t use outside of a professional work setting, we choose to write like we talk. It’s as simple as avoiding big words that make us sound fancy when an ordinary word will do. Choosing to talk like human beings instead of Mr. Big Boss Fancypants, gives us an edge that most other marketing companies don’t have. 

We want our customers and clients, and even their customers and clients, to feel like they’re talking to a real person. Sure, we sell a service that provides more leads and sales, but we’re much more than that, too. You can easily tell the difference between a company that cares and a company that’s out to get the next sale. And the difference is humanizing copy that’s relatable and valuable.

2. Contractions Are King

In school, teachers say that contractions aren’t how professionals are supposed to write, but in today’s world, even the extra fraction of a second it takes you to read cannot versus can’t will make or break you in sales copy. 

When pitching to cold leads, every little second counts because no one asked you to slide into their DMs or inbox. Contractions help you get to the point and make it easier for you to bring the human out in your writing. Both saving time and being real are two of the biggest goals of any sales copy.

3. Always Provide Value Over Closure

I know how badly you want the sale. Trust me, I know the feeling. But the best way to write successful sales copy is to provide value over the sale. Without value and delivering that value in the right way through your pitch, you’ll find that the likelihood of you closing that sale is even slimmer than it was before.

Instead, focus on delivering value with every sentence. Are you providing something new, helpful, or actionable every time you hit enter? If not, think about why your potential customer would be interested in reading it. 

Not everything has to lead to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but you have to deliver something that your customer cares about every time you hit send.

4. Personalize the H*ck Out Of It

No one wants a generic email anymore. With the hundreds of emails we get in our inbox every week, we all want something REAL.

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn or manage to snag a card from a client you’ve been dying to work with, remember that personalization is key to making it work. 

Automation is a great way to make things happen efficiently, but without some sort of personalization in a message, your words will get lost amongst all the rest. Take the time to add their first name or business name in your copy to keep their attention on what’s important: their business and the value you bring to the table.

5. Be Yourself

The hardest thing to do in copywriting is to write like someone else. Sure, there are master copywriters out there who can teach you to write just like they do, but honestly, they excel with their words because their copy is an extension of who they are.

Copying other master salesmen or women is a great way to learn real quick that your clients and customers aren’t stupid. People, just like you and me, can easily tell when you’re writing out of your comfort zone or saying something in a way that doesn’t match what they think of you.

Image isn’t everything, but the way you sell yourself to others says a lot about you and your business. And who should be the best person to talk about your business? 


So, don’t sell yourself short and make sure you craft each message the way you would want your story told.

Writing Is As Easy As You Make It

Writing is an art in the way that the more you practice, the better you become. You shouldn’t have to shift the uniqueness of you and your business to deliver killer sales copy. Instead, step up with confidence to the keyboard and get writing. We all have to start somewhere, but all that matters is your intentions and the story you want to tell.