A 4,233% ROI Case Study: How HyperSocial Empowered BlogWorks to Reach New Sales Heights

A 4,233% ROI Case Study: How HyperSocial Empowered BlogWorks to Reach New Sales Heights

The Business

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Blogworks is an SEO-rich productized blog article agency in British Columbia, Canada. 

BlogWorks was originally founded by Hugh Culver in 2013, as a side project to his public speaking business. Its original mission was to help public speakers promote their blog content through social media. But in 2019, it expanded into a productized blog writing business. 

Hugh increased his team from five to nine local Canadian writers. Hugh built a scalable business for himself, and an affordable blog writing product for business owners. BlogWorks eliminates the guesswork business owners often do when hiring and managing freelance writers.


The Challenge 

Hugh came to HyperSocial with a reputable, well-established business at the end of 2020. His business model was sound but his biggest challenge was attracting qualified leads

When it comes to website traffic and sales, blogs typically aren’t the first thing business owners think of. But blogs bring businesses invaluable exposure, information, and credibility.

Hugh was struggling with sales. He tried all sorts of tactics to convert cold leads to sales. But nothing worked. He was closing next to no deals. 

He tried hiring salespeople. He tried outsourcing sales. He tried using massive qualified email lists. He even asked his office manager to give sales a go. 

Hugh realized that he needed to change his sales process. Cold prospects were simply not working. He needed a process that would warm up his leads and expand his target market. 

Enter HyperSocial…

The HyperSocial Solution 

After they connected on LinkedIn, Hugh and Braden got to talking about the benefits of a LinkedIn campaign. 

They discussed how through automated LinkedIn messaging directed toward a specific audience, Hugh would gain a new network of cold prospects - but they wouldn't be quite as cold as his prior ones. 

HyperSocial’s team of experts worked with Hugh to come up with a conversational, value-based LinkedIn messaging campaign for 2 audiences: 

Audience #1 = Owners of small/medium-sized companies with underutilized blogs

Audience #2 = Other small marketing agency owners that could Whitelabel his products

Together, HyperSocial and Hugh came up with a response strategy for his custom campaign. HyperSocial began sending connection requests from Hugh’s LinkedIn personal account every day, followed by a 3 step messaging sequence. 

Once a response came in, no more messages would be sent to prevent the conversation from appearing automated. Hugh would then take over the conversation and close those warmed-up leads.

The HyperSocial Results 

Although excited, Hugh was self-admittedly pretty skeptical. Like most business owners, he had spent a lot of time and money on different ways to gain sales. 

As the connections from HyperSocial rolled in, Hugh took full advantage. He avidly responded to every person who responded to the campaign and quickly saw success.

He closed his first sale in just 10 days.

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In 3 months, he closed $94,000 in revenue. 

And his results never fizzled. Hugh was consistently closing at least one sale a week. HyperSocial brought Hugh + BlogWorks a monthly ROI of 4,233%!   

Due to his high ROI, Hugh had more revenue coming in and more free time on his hands. Rather than spend 20+ hours a week brainstorming how to generate sales, he would spend 2-3 hours a week in his LinkedIn inbox along with the sales calls that came from the LinkedIn campaign.

With this newfound time, his team had more time to focus on how to make the HyperSocial campaign more effective. With a churn rate of zero, they were able to consistently grow their client base, and exceed their clients expectations.

As an added bonus - HyperSocial also helped Hugh expand the industry base of his clientele to over 15 different industries. 

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part!

Hugh also put in the work to improve his business systems. He improved the sales process, his sales documents, and his client satisfaction. 

With the help of HyperSocial, lead generation was on autopilot. By the end of 2021, Hugh was able to sell BlogWorks! and move on to his next business venture! 


Don’t take our word for it, here's what Hugh had to say about HyperSocial:

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Why Hugh loves the HyperSocial LinkedIn service: 

“ So I'm noticing much more natural openings to conversations. I'm reaching out to someone that seems to have some kind of a connection in the industry. And my conversation doesn't start for a day or two, which is kind of natural. And then the conversation is spread out, which is kind of natural because we're all busy. Every day I am amazed at the paragraphs that people write back from an automated outreach.

So it seems like the whole combination of the way that you've structured, it has been a really good sequence and then to have it spaced out is a much more natural way for people to get into a conversation like this. I've probably only had 6-10 people say please stop sending automated messages. Like it just doesn't happen. Which is amazing because a concern for me was that it would look like what I get from a lot of other people, which is to make a connection and suddenly I get bombarded by all of this pre-written stuff. That's full of links and it doesn't look natural” .

Hughs’s advice for prospective HyperSocial customers: 

“ What I would say is, first of all, you're going to have a lot more volume. So at first you're going to feel overwhelmed and think this is not feasible. Right? So as your volume goes up… I think if you're going to get the highest value out of it, you're going to have to look at your own systems. 


For example, I look [in my LInkedIn Inbox] in the morning and then I look in the afternoon. There's one simple system [of just responding], but then how do you maximize? How do you categorize or qualify who's of high interest? And who's a low interest. Is the tagging working? Should I move them to [my CRM], or should I move them to Trello/Asana? So, I think that unless someone has a dedicated sales person, if they are the owner operator, they're going to have to figure out how to improve their systems. And so that's a good thing because that adds value to the company. You've now figured out how to operate at a higher level. “


8 Month Campaign Statistics: 

 August 2021 - Hugh Culver


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