7 B2B Guerilla Marketing Tactics for More Leads

silverback mountain gorilla in the Virunga National Park, Africa, DRC, Central Africa.

Are you a Business-To-Business company/individual struggling during this time? Like a lot of companies, B2Bs are feeling a hit during this time as well.

Well here’s a list of Guerilla Marketing techniques that we’ve used for ourselves and our clients.

No, not that kind of Gorilla. RIP Harambe.

It might be time to get the grind going like a start-up. Grind it out like you used to. Do some things that aren’t the most fun but that will help keep your company afloat!

Here are some guerilla marketing strategies you can implement immediately.

7 Guerilla Marketing Tactics for More Sales

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator (free 30 day trial): LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator allows you to filter your search results more, connect with more people every single day and then you can message them about your services.

2. Cold Email Campaigns: We use Lemlist. Customize the subject line. Make the first 2 sentences appealing. Creating something unique and personal!

3. Facebook/LinkedIn Groups: Find targeted groups and begin adding the members and sending them messages about your services.

4. Cold Calling: I know, the scariest one of all. But often people put their cell phone number on LinkedIn. Give them a call. Chat them up! They’re at home alone right now and would love some conversation anyways.

Cheerful young man with laptop and smartphone sitting in kitchen, expressing excitement when making a phone call. A home office concept.

5. Webinars: This is a good way to talk to many people at once. But webinars are overdone. Be sure to create a webinar that sets you and your company apart from the rest.

6. Online Q&A: People have more time than ever on their hands. If you have value to give, why not let people join you for a Q&A session! Face-to-face interactions? Cream of the crop right now!

7. Start a referral program: Now’s as good as time as any. Allow your current customers who already love you, your company, your services to earn extra income for themselves by rewarding for telling their contacts about you!

Boost Your Sales with Guerilla Marketing

Let me know which of these you try and your results!

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